2006 Spring News - 2006-04-25

So we are into another season, and so far the weather has been good to us.

The 4SIGHT abseil on the 8th April was a huge success, and we are looking forward to running more throughout the year. We have just confirmed registration of two new websites which will be individual at some stage but at the moment they are all running this site.
The new sites are:
www.charityabseil.co.uk and
You will notice the title of the second site is a little different…This is due to the fact that we are now able to run Zip wires from suitable locations throughout the country, although the setup of this activity is harder than an average abseil, the rewards can be bigger, especially if it is run for a couple of days, not to mention the fact of the excitement of sliding down a cable for up to 200M. Please do contact us for more information about Zip Wires and what we can do for you.